Bakarwadi (Also referred as Bakharwadi or Bhakarwadi) is a crunchy awesome, mouth watering Indian snacks. Though its more popular in Maharashtra and Gujarat, its liked and admired across India. Bakarwadi is made up of gram flour, maida as main ingredient and has combination of coconut powder, tamarind, jaggery, seeds and variety of spices to make it spicy and tasty. This is an fried Indian snacks and hence it can be stored for weeks together without refrigeration. Though there are many famous vendors of Bakarwadi in India, the two prominent brands are Chitale Bandhu Pune and Bedekar. / Pandit (UK) Ltd is the exclusive importer of Chitale Bakarwadi and bedekar Bakarwadi; and hence we guarantee very fresh products at the most competitive price. What are you waiting for? Buy Chitale bakarwadi online - Just decide the quantity you want and hit "add to cart" button!!!

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